The MusicGraf

If you have got a score-drawing MusicGraf pen and a piece of paper (or any paper-based surface, like a napkin, a newspaper or a box) you can quickly jot down any music that you have just heard or an unexpected tune that is too precious to lose.


This unique pen has a simple, natural look. It comes in a special box, which makes it an attractive present and useful tool for every musician.


Where? - At an orchestra practice, in a café, in the practice hall, in a studio, at class, on a bench in the forest or on a blanket on the beach. For what? – To make notes, add to scores, compose music or collect folk music…


If the ink has run out and the cap is removed – with the adequate environmental factors and the necessary putrefactive bacteria –, the rest of the pen decomposes easily and the metal parts corrode.


New tunes can surprise us anywhere: during work or while having a cup of coffee or a conversation. Don’t lose these innovative thoughts, solutions, feelings, tunes!

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MusicGraf Box

The pen and its case are made from recycled paper. With its unique design and simple and natural look it makes a lovely present for anyone who has an intimate relationship with music. The case has a strong rubber band to keep it closed. On the inside of the case lid there is a line where – using a bright-coloured (white, silver or gold) gel ink pen – one might leave an endearing message, such as "When words leave off, music begins" or "Music is the most common language in the world".

MusicGraf Box

MusicGraf Pen

Musicgraf Pen. This is a pen specifically made for drawing five-line staves. Thanks to its unique design, it enables the user to draw straight lines by hand. The tips are high-quality; 1000 meters of line can be drawn with them. At the end of the body there is a hole which goes through the pen - a neckband may be placed here according to the needs of the user. Also, a band with a logo (or a handwritten message) or anything of the sort may be put here, so as to customise the pen.

MusicGraf Toll



The MusicGraf Pen and the MusicGraf Box (the pen plus a unique box) are available at the Victoria Music Store along with almost ten thousand various products, such as instruments, accessories, supplement scores or gifts. We look forward to your visit to our store!


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